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How do successful people become that way? Is it inherently inside them? Do they possess a success gene? Is just hard work?

  I would say that most successful people are successful because they never stop learning. Work ethic plays a role, but it is the type of work that they do. Their Daily behaviors and actions determine their success. They do not just stick to one method or one way of doing things. They are dynamic, they shift with the times, the industry and the market. They work hard, but they work hard at doing things that are effective. If something does not work they evaluate it, they drill down, and reduce ot to the rediculous. They reduce themselves to a child and realize that they do not know everything. They seek out mentors, other successful people and they emulate those successes. They constantly learn and read. In short they always seek knowledge.

     Merchant services can be tough because their is not a lot of specific info out there. I’m lucky because being on the corporate side, I have had the opportunity to speak with some brilliant people in this industry. I pick their brains, I ask dumb questions, I find out what works for them. Then I share what I’ve learned with the agents I work with. Their success brings me success. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, I’m looking to apply what works.I also read a lot. Their is a ton of free information out there. If you put in the time and effort you can get a college education in Sales from several different sources. I do not only read sales books, I read biography’s of successful people. I read books on psychology, I watch documentaries, I read blogs and even twitter, The trick is to not just read however, but to to apply the things I’ve learned.

     Lets talk about finding a mentor, I have a mentor and I ask lots of questions. I talk to him four or five days a week. Because he has had success in this field and I’m passionate about improving. I wake up everyday knowing that I really do not know anything so I have to seek and learn something new that day to improve. You only do two things in this world you get better at something or you get worse. Well how do you find a mentor? I reach out to people that are successful, I call them or email them. It is just like prospecting for sales. I ask others about what they have learned and who taught them The next think I ask is how do they apply the information they have learned? If you really put in the effort you can find someone willing to give you guidance, if what they do does not work for you, keep searching, but I guarantee you will learn something.

     The trick is you have to be passionate and love what you do. If you do not love sales, then what is it that you are passionate about? Here is how I look at it. I’m passionate about having freedom and the ability to do things and enjoy life, if I am successful at my job then it will afford me the time and income to pursue my passions. So in turn I get excited about my job, I enjoy its challenges, the obstacles and the difficult things that come up. Because when they do and I’m successful I can do the things I want to do.

     I was lucky and had the opportunity to wrestle in college. I was not a great athlete or wrestler. I did have teammates who were. They all had one thing in common, they loved every aspect of wrestling. They loved the grueling workouts, the dual meets, the tournaments. They simply outworked everybody. They were always drilling, training, lifting, doing things that other guys wouldn’t do, wouldn’t sacrifice to get better. Their technique was so good because they drilled it a million times. Their conditioning was better because they did an extra workout, they made matches look easy because they had trained so hard. But the real reason is they loved it. If you don’t love sales or love what sales can provide for you in your life, then it will be very difficult to attain your goals. With out that passion you will not do the little things to improve yourself, you will not grow or learn. It will feel like a grind, because it is hard. Personally I will not do business with someone if they do not love what they do, or at the least do not have the passion to improve, because in reality they will not make it. They will look for every excuse for why they are not successful, when the reality is, they just don’t like what they are doing. They have not yet found what motivates them, for most people motivation comes from two things power or love. In dealing with independent reps I have no power, they can send their business anywhere. I cant force anyone to do anything, so I have to come at from a place where I can help them attain their goals that afford them the ability to do what they love or are passionate about. My job is to make their job easier. To make sure they are paid on time and that they have the information needed so that they can effectively compete. In essence for the reps I do business with, I work for them, just like they work for their customers.

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