Photo by Nick Papakyriazis/CC BY 2.0

Being Saturday I wanted to keep it brief. I believe in a good work/life balance. The question I pose, is it worth the time and effort to work on weekends in this industry?

The answer is yes. What you need to do is define the type of work that you do on the weekends. Being efficient is the key. I would suggest using the weekend as a time to plan your work week, create any marketing plans, and put together any prospecting plans. Do what the competition isn’t. Think long term. A few hours on the weekend could afford you the time to do anything you want in a few short years. Weekends are also good for the occasional reprogram or meeting with a client who does not have the time during the work week.

Remember, its not the quantity of work and time, but the quality. A few hours here and there being efficient and organized will free up more time during the week, affording you to live the lifestyle that you really want to. Remember you re not an employee, you re a CEO.

Have a great Saturday!