When making a sales presentation what is the most important piece? Is it the content of the presentation? It seems like it should be. If you were submitting a bid to an automated system, it would choose the best value for the best price. Unfortunately in reality you’re dealing with human beings who have perceptions, emotions, rational thoughts, irrational thoughts, bias, and several other factors that humans use when interacting with other people. How do you as a sales rep deal with this?
Have you ever seen a sales person who knows very little about the technical side of their service or product who is a stone cold closer? They say things like, ” Mr. customer I don’t really know about that, but why don’t we go ahead get you set up today?” and the customer says, “yes”. This sales rep does this over and over again. Why is that? It is because he is likable and people are comfortable and trust him. But why? Because in face to face communication, the non-verbal piece is just as important, probably more so than what is actually being said. That person conveys trust, honesty, and confidence. When they talk to a customer, that customer fells relaxed, lets their guard down and becomes open to doing business. 
If you go into a sales presentation, nervous, desperate to make the sale, scared, etc. your non verbal communication will give it away. You will sabotage the sale. I like to be thinking extremely rational before I go into a presentation. I always want to be the rational one in the room when talking to a customer. I don’t care if the customer is thinking emotionally, because at that point I’m playing chess and they are playing checkers. How do I do this? I use some techniques that I’ve picked up over time that help get me thinking in a rational manner before I go into those situations.
I always look for ways to improve how I communicate with others. I seek out sources for this information that are just not sales based. I read a lot of psychology, philosophy, self improvement, and biographies of successful people. I try to apply what I learn to my work. You’d be surprised to see how much information is out there. So to get my self thinking rationally before I go into a sales presentation I take some techniques I learned from reading books by Dr. Albert Ellis. I just like his no non sense way of giving you info with out being very new agey. The guy was a legit scientist and his methods have been studied and proven for over 50 years. One simple technique I use of his to get myself over any anxiety or irrational thinking before I go into a sales presentation is his ABC technique. It works like this:
You usually start out with C and then work it backwards. What this exercise does is take the pressure off. It gets your brain to start thinking rationally about the situation. When you do that you can present and focus on the dealing with customer without being anxious, nervous, scared, etc. Let me show you how I would apply this going into a presentation.

See all this comes down to is realizing that no matter what you are feeling going in to a situation, you have the ability to choose how you react. When you are relaxed, confident and calm going into a presentation you’re going to perform better. You’re non verbal communication will match what you’re verbalizing. The customer will be more relaxed so you can build rapport more quickly and easily. You are now communicating the message you intended so the content has more punch. The customer is actively engaged and actually listening to what you are presenting, so they can get the information required for them to make a decision. You are thinking rationally so you have more access to the tools you have.

Always be the rational person in the room during a presentation, let the customer get all emotional about it. They wont be thinking clearly. You will be in control of the situation, not skipping steps and probably have a much better chance of closing the deal. If you want to take it to the next level study non verbal communication and implement using non verbal ques that convey honesty, trustworthiness, and confidence. Do what your competition isn’t and watch your sales increase. Improve everyday.

I’m not perfect, in fact I’m quite fallible, so I’m always looking for ways to make improvement. No technique is guaranteed 100%. There is no magic sales pitch, no replacement for hard work. I find that trying different techniques that fit you is the way to go. Try new things, get as much information as possible. Keep adding tools. Do something everyday that adds to your business. execute your daily effective behaviors and keep learning. Be a CEO.

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