The sales process is vital to operating a successful facility. If you don’t make the necessary sales, there is no revenue coming in and the lights cannot stay on. That is why it is essential to put together the right sales team.
The best way to assemble a successful sales team is to start by hiring the right kind of person. Sales are about customer service and showing the customer how what you offer will benefit them, so look for people who genuinely want to provide great customer service. You generally cannot teach a person to be caring; they either have a caring personality or they don’t.
After you hire the customer service-oriented salesperson, teach them how to sell. Selling is a process that can be taught to friendly, motivated people if they follow your facility’s sales process and practice each day. I recommend teaching them to interview the customer, present the product based on what they have learned about the customer and then ask for the sale.
After providing staff with the necessary training, it is up to the Manager to pay very close attention to how they are performing, especially if you are spending your hard-earned dollars on marketing to acquire customers.
Managers should start by having a conversation with the salesperson or sales team every day where they communicate what the sales goals are and discuss staff’s personal goals. In these conversations, ask plenty of questions on how your staff plans to achieve their goals, and make sure they understand and feel comfortable with all parts of the sales process. If they don’t, they will struggle to make sales.
One valuable way to develop sales skills and increase staff’s comfort with the sales process is to role-play. Almost every salesperson I have ever trained has been resistant to role-playing because of embarrassment, but don’t let them off the hook. Role-playing will teach them how to communicate better with customers and co-workers because they will be more aware of what they are saying and what kind of reactions they will get.
Sales are just like sports. If your team practices each day and commits to learning the process and understanding people, then they will be great at it. The more effort and practice they put into it, the more success your facility will have.
Adam Ackerman
IAdam Ackerman
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